CCW Evening In Candlelight

The Council of Catholic Women hosted its annual Candlelight Dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 18, beginning with Mass.  About 70 women enjoyed the atmosphere of dining by candlelight, but the  evening was truly about the fellowship.  Eight women decorated a table,  and provided dinnerware, glasses, wine, table favors, and a dessert.  They invited eight or more women to sit at their table.
Father Andrzej was the only male present at the dinner.
The dinner has become one of the highlights of the CCW calendar.  St.Paul’s and St. Martin’s women truly appreciated the evening.


St Pauls ladies night10W


St Pauls ladies night3W

St Pauls ladies night4W


St. Pauls ladies night5W

St. Pauls ladies night3W

St Pauls ladies night8W  St Puals ladies night7W St Puals ladies night6W



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