Saint John Paul



The weekend of May 14-15, 2016 St. Paul-St. Martin Parish was blessed with a special visitor all the way from Rome, Italy.  Fr. Krzysztof Wieliczko, the Administrator of the St. John Paul Foundation in Rome, brought a relic of St. John Paul’s blood which he presented to Pastor Fr. Andrzej Boroch and the parishoners of St. Martin and St. Paul churches. Fr Andrzej will be the administrator of the relic for the remainder of his life. Fr Wieliczko and Fr. Andrzej are good friends. For those parishoners who made the pilgrimage to Italy, it was Fr. Krzysztof who provided the passes allowing seven members of the group the rare opportunity  to sit on the Vatican platform just a few feet away from Pope Francis as the Pope read his general audience letter. 

Fr. Wieliczko preached the homily and related it to his personal experiences with St. John Paul from his days as a young seminarian in Rome up to and including just a few days before St. Johm Paul’s death. After the completion of mass, Fr. Wieliczko spent time in the parish hall relating his personal experiences with St. John Paul including his participation in the validation of one of St. John Paul’s miracles. His riveting and deeply moving presentation was a personal and up close look at one of the Catholic Church’s newest saints.


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