Italy Pilgrimage

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On November 9, 2015 Fr Andrzej Boroch led 14 pilgrims from St. Paul and surrounding parishes on a ten day pilgrimage to Italy to experience the history and traditions of their Catholic faith. Their pilgrimage included visits to Venice and a tour of the Basilica San Marco, to Padua and a visit to the Basilica of St. Anthony, a visit to Florence and a tour of the Academia which included a viewing of Michelangelo’s “David”, and a tour of Pompeii among many others.  The highlight of the pilgrimage was an audience with Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.



Why do we refer to ourselves as pilgrims? Each morning as we boarded our tour bus to begin our day, we spent a few minutes in morning prayer. Our morning prayer leader was Sr. Nancy a Grand Rapids Dominican nun from a city located near Grand Rapids. In one of our morning prayers she explains the reason for using the term “Pilgrims”: Sr. Nancy Explains

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 The next few web pages will contain narratives and multimedia from our trip showcasing the rich historical traditions of our Catholic faith.  What these multimedia tools cannot do however, is capture the emotional and spiritual impact of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip to the earliest beginnings of our faith. 

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