Thoughts To Consider

From time-to-time Fr. Andrzej will place a video link on this page to provide parishioners an opportunity to broaden their understanding and appreciation of their Catholic faith.

We hear in today’s media the frequent call to keep religion separate from government.

Click the following link to hear one president’s response to:    “The Need To Keep Church and the State Separated”.

“I love my truck; I love pasta; I love my dog; I love my family”.  What does it mean to “love”?

For an answer, click the following link: “What does it mean to love”?

 If you don’t have time to pray and read the Scriptures, you are busier than God ever intended you to be.”

Don’t be intimidated by the bible. Try this simple solution: “How Should I Use the Bible?


“There are two reasons most people don’t pray: Nobody ever taught them, and they don’t know where to start. The Prayer Process solves both these problems. It teaches us how to pray, and it gives us a simple step–by–step process, so we know exactly where to start.”  Click the following link: Teach Me To Pray

 Click the following link:  One Pair Of Hands

Caution: This is one song in a series of Elvis Presley songs that will continue to play unless you click on the “stop” button at the bottom of the screen. Also you may want to click on the “full screen” button also on the bottom right of the screen, to view the video on your entire computer screen.

 Where and when does God speak to me?

Click the link for a possibility:  God Speaks To Me




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